American Pipeline: Immigration-Imprisonment-Infection

by Ellen Isaacs January 6, 2020 As I write this, thousands of racist proto-fascists are storming the US Capitol while over 140 immigrant detainees at Essex County and Hudson County, NJ ICE detention centers are on hunger strike, the third wave of such strikes at NJ facilities in 2020. While protesting inmates are being threatened … Continue reading “American Pipeline: Immigration-Imprisonment-Infection”

An Exploding World Requires Radical Change

by Ellen Isaacs May 7, 2022 There is a great crescendo of clashes and dangers in the world, a true cacophony of violence and suffering, and yet from the media we hear only the cymbal crashes of Ukraine. While the great imperialists of the US, Russia, China and the underlings in NATO, Israel, Iran and … Continue reading “An Exploding World Requires Radical Change”

War in Ukraine: The Only Good Imperialist Is a Dead Imperialist

Working class “cannon fodder” soldiers sacrifice themselves for imperialists on all sides by The Editors March 1, 2022 As this is written, Russia’s rulers are invading Ukraine with increasing brutality and even threatening to use nuclear weapons. Neither workers in Russia, Ukraine, the US or anywhere in the world have anything to gain from this … Continue reading “War in Ukraine: The Only Good Imperialist Is a Dead Imperialist”

Sudan: Coups, Imperialists and Resistance

by Ellen Isaacs January 30, 2022 Like all the nations of the Horn of Africa that abut the Red Sea, the main passageway for the transit of Middle Eastern oil, Sudan has been a prize desired by many imperialist nations. (For a background summary of the region, see For 75 years, there has been … Continue reading “Sudan: Coups, Imperialists and Resistance”

Pupils or Perpetrators? How “Safety Officers” Treat Students in US and NYC Schools

by Ellen Isaacs October, 2021 Young black – and Latin, immigrant, and Native American – children in the US have been chained up and abused for centuries. Today in schools where poor and nonwhite students are the majority, students are targeted and attacked for misbehavior, much of it minor, some of it mere dissention, some … Continue reading “Pupils or Perpetrators? How “Safety Officers” Treat Students in US and NYC Schools”

The Burqa is Back: Imperialists Fail in Afghanistan Once Again

by The Editors August 17, 2021 There is no end to the catastrophes that capitalism inflicts on workers. Covid, climate change, Haiti, and devastating wars to control resources: Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Vietnam, to name a few. After 20 years of US occupation in Afghanistan, the fundamentalist Islamic Taliban has taken power – again. Like the … Continue reading “The Burqa is Back: Imperialists Fail in Afghanistan Once Again”

Hey, Folks, Biden Won’t Fix the Economy

by Ellen Isaacs July 2, 2021 It is six months since our last comment on Biden, and so it is time for an update. Having replaced strident Trump rhetoric with his measured tones and having succeeded in vaccinating half of the population, Biden is seen by many as the savior of our sanity, safety and … Continue reading “Hey, Folks, Biden Won’t Fix the Economy”

Racist Apartheid Characterizes Vaccine Availability Worldwide

by Ellen Isaacs March 29, 2021 Nothing demonstrates, nothing verifies the chasms of race, power and wealth in this world better than the differential rates at which the rulers of wealthy countries are distributing Covid-19 vaccines. On March 10, protestors demonstrated at Pfizer and Moderna headquarters in New York City, Boston, London, South Africa and … Continue reading “Racist Apartheid Characterizes Vaccine Availability Worldwide”


by Ellen Isaacs March 18, 2021 Burma or Myanmar? Neither name connotes any progressive political position. Burma is what the British colonialists called their territory. The military victors in a 1989 coup changed the country’s name to Myanmar. Many local opposition groups prefer Burma, so we’ll go with that. Every day the news from Burma … Continue reading “REVOLT IN BURMA: DOES A SEISMIC STRUGGLE GUARANTEE SYSTEMIC CHANGE?”

Protect Our Students – Promoting School Safety: RACIST COPS OUT OF THE SCHOOLS!

by Linda Green and Karyn Pomerantz Capitalism uses police as agents of social control in our neighborhoods, jobs, and schools, using their power to put kids on a school-to-jail pipeline. In 2013-2014, school police in 8000 schools arrested 70,000 students with black children overly represented (Ed Week). Detentions and arrests of students can affect college admissions and future incarceration. Criminal justice reformers … Continue reading “Protect Our Students – Promoting School Safety: RACIST COPS OUT OF THE SCHOOLS!”