About This Blog

The Multiracial Unity Blog presents a class perspective on racism and calls for multiracial organizing to build unity among the workers of the world.  It will explore the origins of racism and nationalism, the history of multiracial struggles, and the defeats due to capitulation to racist and nationalist ideas. 

 The blog includes an analysis of racism and white skin privilege, stories where workers engaged in multiracial organizing and where they rejected it, and posts on more current anti-racist activities around the world.

We hope our readers promote unity among workers regardless of nationality, racial categories, sexual orientation, and the many ways people identify themselves.  We have much to learn from one another to make our class stronger.

As supporters of struggles against racism, we commend the Progressive Labor Party for its emphasis on multiracial fight backs against racism and nationalism. PLP (www.plp.org) is an international party, founded in the U.S. 50 years ago, that believes that capitalism must be overthrown in favor of communism and that racism and nationalism are the main obstacles that inhibit this struggle. We welcome information about other groups that engage in class-based anti-racism.