Book Review: Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson

Reviewed by Karyn Pomerantz

Dr. Dyson, sociology professor at Georgetown University and ordained Baptist minister, writes prolifically about racism in the US and is well known for Come Hell or High Water about Hurricane Katrina.  He skillfully connects diverse examples of racism in engaging clever language. Continue reading “Book Review: Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson”


170121143229-womens-march-london-0121-exlarge-169by The Editors

Last weekend one out of every hundred Americans demonstrated against the new administration and for women’s rights. We were at the Washington DC march, which was truly overwhelming in its size, dwarfing the inauguration crowd. One could only wonder how powerful these marchers would have been had they been united around a program of fundamental change. Continue reading “AS THE WORLD MARCHES, BIGGER STEPS ARE NEEDED”

Stop the Oppression of Women: Build a Multiracial, Anti-Racist Movement

By the editors

Thousands of women are organizing for reproductive rights and justice with the Women’s March on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC while many others march in cities across the US. Continue reading “Stop the Oppression of Women: Build a Multiracial, Anti-Racist Movement”


by Ellen Isaacs

Was the American Revolution really a noble fight for liberty and justice as we are taught in school? Or was the major reason behind the revolt that England, the mother country, was trying to limit slavery in the colonies by increasing taxes on those in bondage and limit westward expansion onto native lands? In Gerald Horne’s book, The Counterrevolution of 1776:Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America, he makes a powerful case for this explanation. “Ironically, the founders of the republic have been hailed and lionized… for-–in effect–creating the first apartheid state(p3).” Continue reading “THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION –A WAR TO PROTECT SLAVERY”


Anti-racists stop a KKK demonstration in Anaheim and chase the racists out of town

By the Editors

The election of Trump gives racists like the KKK and Nazis the green light to attack Muslims, African Americans, Latinos, Jews, immigrants and others who join in solidarity with them.  This year, the KKK and Nazis rallied against immigrants and African Americans in several cities in California (pictured above).  In Pelham, North Carolina, the Klan organized a rally, and the Nazis announced an armed march against Jews in Montana.   And of course, we have the Klan in blue ready to shoot and kill the unarmed, almost always young people of color. Continue reading “IT MAY TAKE VIOLENCE TO REPEL RACIST ATTACKS”


Tanya Golash-Boza

The current debate over immigration policy in the United States revolves around how many immigrants we should let in and what we should do about those immigrants that are here without authorization. Continue reading “IMMIGRATION POLICY IN THE US: IT’S ALL ABOUT RACE”

From MICRO Aggression to MACRO Oppression

By the Editors

The Charlotte NC chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), an organization for white antiracists, just called for disbanding in order to build solidarity among all groups. This is a very significant step forward. Continue reading “From MICRO Aggression to MACRO Oppression”


The Editors

Although we believe that both candidates for President endorse racism, exploitation and war, we don’t deny that they represent different wings of American capitalism and divergent tactics. It is also true that for the second time in the 21st century, 2000 and 2016, the candidate with the largest popular vote lost. (Of course, the real winner was the none of the above vote, made by nearly half of the potential electorate.) The irony is that the long-dominant arm of finance capital, represented by the centrist Democrats like the Clintons and Obama, has twice been a victim to this rigged system. Donald Trump’s overt racism and sexism is not the language they prefer to use, even as they continue mass incarceration, police violence, deportations and resource wars. Better to speak nicely and try to hide the reality from white workers. However, downtrodden unemployed and dispossessed white industrial and agricultural workers could take it no more, and so they either welcomed or were willing to tolerate overt racism in a (futile) search for economic revenge. And the Electoral College, which was invented to guarantee the dominance of the white elite, helped them along. By giving weighted votes to each state on a winner-takes-all basis, this Electoral College system decreases the value of votes in states with a large majority voting one way, ie currently states like New York and California with lots of minority, immigrant and liberal voters. Continue reading “ELECTORAL COLLEGE FOUNDED ON RACISM”

It’s Capitalism: Racism and Sexism Win With Any President

by The Editors

Trump’s election signaled a victory for racism and sexism that is not reserved just for Republicans and open fascists.   These ideas and practices also flourish under liberals like the Clintons and Obama, who supported wars against people in Iraq and Syria, gutted welfare programs devastating women and children, and deported millions. Continue reading “It’s Capitalism: Racism and Sexism Win With Any President”

APHA: Police Violence IS a Public Health Issue

by The Editors

Police Violence IS  a Public Health Issue at APHA

An exciting victory in the fight against racist police violence was won at the American Public Health Association convention on November 1, 2016.  Over 10,000 largely progressive health workers meet annually to present public health data and program outcomes.  Members may also propose policy resolutions to represent the organization’s agenda. The cautious and conservative leadership review them and recommend approval or rejection, although a representative membership body votes to accept or reject them. Continue reading “APHA: Police Violence IS a Public Health Issue”